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Soundscape Sessions 084


今晩21時からPure.FMにてSoundscape Sessionsの第84回を放送します!今回はチルアウト風のゆったりしたProgressive Houseから入り、途中にテックやエレクトロを挟みつつアップリフトして行きます。メロディがしっかりしたリスニング向きの楽曲を揃えましたのでBGMにでもしてみて下さい。

Today (January 17th) is Soundscape Sessions 084 on Pure.FM! This episode, I picked relaxed tracks up at the beginning. Then through the tech / electro style, the sounds goes to uplifting progressive trance. Enjoy!

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01. Arthur Deep – Ocean Of Voices [Proton]
02. Michael Feihstel – Lux (Dustin H Remix) [Proton Particles]
03. Will Holland feat. Yana – Tears In The Rain (Monogato Remix) [Enhanced]
04. Ben Preston – Smash N’ Carry (Original Mix) [Freaks Culture]
05. Abity – Sapphire (Original Mix) [Buena Musica]
06. Yuan – Fei Xue (Original Mix) [Auryn Music]
07. Darin Epsilon – Bluephobia (Noosh & Girard Remix) [Sensitive Square]
08. Remot – New Generation (Club Mix) [Ora]
09. Ben Preston – Open It (Original Mix) [Devilock]
10. Daan Bergman – White Land (Anhken Remix) [Real Music]
11. Cold Blue & Dennis Sheperd – Not Too Late (Nhato Remix) [High Contrast Nu-Breed]
12. Luminate – Midnight (Gabriel Batz Remix) [Ora]
13. Jochen Miller vs. Mr. Pit – Perfect Chase (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
14. The Originators featuring Tomomi Ukumori – Your Dawn (Tomoya Tachibana Remix) [Sevensenses]
15. Gabriel Batz – Aube [Alter Ego Progressive]
16. Kyohei Akagawa – Rovers [Sevensenses]
17. Vadim Soloviev – Lost Souls (Progressive Mix) [AVA]
18. Andy Moor feat. Carrie Skipper – So Much More (Original Mix) [AVA]
19. Michael Badal feat. Tiff Lacey – Don’t Be Afraid (Maarten Hercules Remix) [Enhanced Progressive]
20. The Chaser vs. Duality – Lord Of Light (Original Mix) [Abstraction]

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