— Kenji Sekiguchi

Sevensenses Broadcast 014


今晩21時から(サマータイムが適用されて先月より1時間早くなりました)、ETN.fmにてSevensenses Broadcastの第14回を放送します!

今回はProgressive Tranceを中心に、Sevensensesの楽曲も織り交ぜながら最新のサウンドを紹介して行きます。注目トラックはShingo NAKAMURAさんの新曲で、Sevensenses Digitalの最新のプロモを一足早くお届けする形になります。さらに、明日リリースされるNhato – Fuhaku / Raihakuからも一曲プレイします。ボリュームたっぷりの1時間となっていますので是非聴き逃しのないように!

そして今回のゲストはTomohiko Togashi君です。彼は弱冠20歳のDJ兼アーティストで、どちらの方面にも優れた才能を発揮して来ています。ここで是非彼を国内外へプロモーションする機会を作りたいと思い、ゲストのオファーをかけました。彼自身の楽曲やここでしか聴けない日本人アーティストによるプロモもかかりますので2時間たっぷりお楽しみください。


Sevensenses Broadcast 014 is to be on-aired from 22pm (GMT+9) on ETN.fm. This time I’ll show you fresh Progressive Trance tunes, interweaving Sevensenses tracks. The pick-up tune of this mix is Shingo NAKAMURA’s new production. This is the newest Sevensenses’ promo. Moreover, I’ll play the tune from our forthcoming release “Nhato – Fuhaku / Raihaku [Sevensenses]” that will be available on Beatport tomorrow.

And the guest of this episode is Tomohiko Togashi. He is 20 years old DJ / producer but he does really great work and have a talent. I’d like to introduce him worldwide, so I sent an offer to him. He will play his own tracks, and Japanese promo, and many massive tunes by his cool selection. Enjoy!

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1st hour: Kenji Sekiguchi
01. Trance X-Treme – My Naked Soul (Ibiza Type Remix) [Starlight]
02. Favor – Spring Haze (Shingo NAKAMURA Remix) [Sevensenses]
03. Shingo NAKAMURA – Memory Of The Sea [Sevensenses]
04. Oliver Smith – Restless (Signalrunners Remix) [Anjunabeats]
05. Ashley Wallbridge – Harrier [Auryn]
06. Rufus K – Moonlight [ABP]
07. Solarity – Elements (Original Mix) [Morphosis]
08. Dinka – Road To Perdition [Unreleased Digital]
09. Robert Burian – Orion (Original Mix) [Tetsuo]
10. Nhato – Fuhaku [Sevensenses]

2nd hour: Tomohiko Togashi
01. Pete Namlook & Mixmaster Morris – Hymn [Rising High / Fax]
02. Human8 – Monument (Parrket Clusterchord Mix) [Morphosis]
03. Jay Lumen – Heureka! [Audio Therapy]
04. Tomi Chair – Blue Fish Goes To Deeper (Ekteka Remix) [Landscape]
05. Aymen – Open Your Mind [RPO]
06. Pavel Shiredchenko – Haliken (Tomohiko Togashi Remix) [Landscape]
07. ID (G.Bruno Remix) [CDR]
08. Total Whirlpool – Fataldive (Tomohiko Togashi Remix) [CDR]
09. Marcus Schossow – From My Heart (Dub Mix) [Tone Diary]
10. The Dubguru – U Got 2 Know [Liquid]
11. Sam Sharp – Roundabout (Simon Patterson Remix) [Doorn]
12. Kyohei Akagawa – Mond [Sevensenses]

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