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Soundscape Sessions 086


Exoticaをやっている最中になりますが、今晩20時から22時までPure.FMにてSoundscape Sessionsの第86回を放送します。Pure.FMにサマータイムが適用されたので、これまでは21時スタートでしたが今回から約半年ほど20時スタートに変わります。Mixの内容はLounge仕様のまったりしたセットで、ラスト付近でテックに移行してピークを付けてみました。放送内容は後々Crystal Cloudsからダウンロードも出来るようになりますので、聴いていただけると嬉しいです。


From 9pm (GMT+9) on March 21, Soundscape Sessions 086 is gonna be on-aired! This time I made the Lounge style mix. But the final part of the mix the sound goes to tech and make a peak time. Hope you will enjoy.

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01. Aeron Aether – Aeron Is Coming (Original Mix) [Silk Digital]
02. Gravity & Dave Horne – Luminance (Original Mix) [Progressive Grooves]
03. Daniel Portman – Open Your Mind (Dinka D.E.E.P. Remix) [Unreleased Digital]
04. Kostas Skretas – Tears On The Leaf (Claes Rosen Remix) [Dark Pleasure]
05. Starchaser – Jambe Myth (Luigi Lusini Remix) [The Clubbers]
06. Javier Penna – Music Is Life [Unreleased Digital]
07. Stef Vrolijk – Flow (Original Mix) [Soul Glow]
08. Dirty Dot – Heart Of Pain (Monogato’s Funk ‘N’ Trance Remix) [Rococo]
09. Domased Electronica – Dewpoint (Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic Remix) [Morphosis]
10. Paul Keeley – Morning Star [Anjunadeep]
11. Lindara – Stay [Takeshi]
12. Kenneth Thomas & Chad Cisneros feat. Keo Nozari – Breakthrough (Oliver Smith Remix) [Curve]
13. Oliver Smith – Restless (Signalrunners Remix) [Anjunabeats]
14. Filigro – Kaleidoscope [Primal]
15. Dinka – KaZantip [Unreleased Digital]
16. Ben Preston – Elizabeth [Songbird]
17. Audionova & Electrobios – Pacific [Extrema]
18. Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue – Not Too Late (Nhato Remix) [High Contrast Nu Breed]
19. Ashley Wallbridge – Masquerade (Nifra Remix) [AVA]
20. Expanded – May [Progressive Grooves]

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